In Response to the Novel Coronavirus


As new coronaviruses spread around the world, we have established the following guidelines so that students can study Japanese with peace of mind.

Help control infectious diseases and protect you and your loved ones.

Incorporated Educational Institution
Yamano Japanese Language School

🔲 Novel Coronavirus Response Guidelines             

 June the 2th, 2020 (Tuesday)

(AM) classes08:40 ~ 10:1010:20 ~ 11:5011:55 ~ 12:35
(PM) classes12:45 ~ 13:2513:30 ~ 15:0015:10 ~ 16:40

School Rules

1)Everyone wears a mask

2)Wipe down the table 3 times a day with disinfectant

3)The teacher will wipe down the interior of the classroom with disinfectant for each lesson. In addition, they will be cleaned after school

4)Keep the air conditioning running. Keep classroom doors and two or more windows open

5)Try not to eat at school

6)Please be well hydrated

7)Use of self-study rooms is prohibited

8)Prevent overcrowding in the restrooms

9)After class, students should go home early

10)When you come to school, you come in through the front door. When you leave the school, you come out the back door

Rules when entering the school

1)Take your temperature every morning

2)Improve the body’s overall immunity

3)Avoid unnecessary emergency excursions, as if a state of emergency had been declared

4)Check the temperature on the thermal imaging camera at the school entrance