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Masayoshi Yamano
Yamano Gakuen President Yamano Japanese Language School Principal Masayoshi Yamano

The Yamano Japanese Language School opened in 1998 with the mission to broaden the international perspective of our foreign students, promote international exchange, and foster cosmopolitan individuals, as part of Yamano Gakuen’s policy of spreading Japanese culture to the rest of the world.  With Japanese language education at our core, we give firm support to our students so they may accomplish their dreams in life.

Our school is trusted as a designated preparatory education school by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, and is accredited by the Governor of Tokyo and the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education.  We endeavor daily to further improve our educational program and student support system.

Our graduates go on to study at the Yamano College of Aesthetics or our partner or sister schools and strive to become active on an international scope.

山野日本語学校 副校長 山野 一美ティナ

Yamano Japanese Language School Vice Principal Tina Kazumi Yamano

We give our maximum effort to see that our students from Asia and around the world spend their valuable time with us enjoyably and fruitfully, so they may reach their goal to enter a Japanese college or any other of their plans in life.

Let’s do our best together as you begin on your path to realize your dreams!

Yamano Japanese Language School Vice Principal Tina Kazumi Yamano

We wish to offer all-encompassing support to our students in their campus life so they may make good friends and positively and eagerly approach their students, as they aspire to become true cosmopolitans.

The tremendous potential held by language can truly expand the scope of one's life.We are confident that our students will become successful cosmopolitans who create bridges between Japan and their home country in the 21th century.